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We had an amazing time at the Georgia 4-H at Camp Jekyll.  Special thanks to all the parents and our sponsors, Walmart Foundation and Edge of Night Camping Club (Evonne Blythers), for their donations.

WHEN:  October 21-23, 2019 (Mon.-Wed.) / 
WHERE: 550 S. Beachview Drive, Jekyll Island, GA 31527
Field Trip CoordinatorShanna Smith -


  • Includes 2 nights lodging, 7 meals, & 12 educational programs

  • Lunch to Lunch Program (Mon. - Wed.) 

8-day Education Programs @ 1.5 hrs each

7-Day Classes (led by Jekyll 4-H Staff)

  • Beach Ecology: Examines barrier island dynamics, erosion, and accretion. Other topics include the importance of dunes and dune plants.

  •  Maritime Forest Ecology: Walking tour in a mature maritime forest. The class discusses major animals and plants, freshwater sloughs, and decomposers.

  • Salt Marsh Ecology: Walking tour through the Jekyll Island salt marsh.

  • Shark Dissection: Dissect spiny dogfish shark (27+ inches) to learn about biology and anatomy.  $16.00 per shark per fish with supplies.

  • Ornithology: Birding watching 

  • Seining and Nets: Students will use a seine net to capture organisms in the surf.

  • Saltwater Fishing: Rod, reel, and bait provided! $1 per person.

1-Day Class Led by parents

Georgia Sea Turtle Center$10 per student & chaperone, teacher's free.

Evening Classes (led by Jekyll 4-H Staff)

  1. Saltwater Fishing safety and instructional class. 

  2. Campfire: Smores and fun.

  3. Volleyball and games. 

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