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Home Education Grants

"We believe the key to a quality education is relationship."

We are excited to come alongside your family to encourage you and assist with your home education expenses.

Grants are for:

  • Curriculum/ School materials

  • Homeschool courses, classes, and co-ops

  • School-related technology (Requests must NOT be for ONLY technology).

  • Diagnostic testing & therapies for children with special learning needs 


Grant Amount

Grants are $50-$300 per homeschooled child or more depending on circumstances.  We cannot guarantee funds



To qualify to apply, you must: 

  • have completed one semester of homeschooling,

  • have a current Georgia Declaration of Intent (DOI)

  • provide home ed education for a child (ages 6-19),

  • have legal custody/ guardianship of the child(ren) 

  • be able to show significant financial need, and

  • be able to provide character references.

* We recognize that some information requested may be sensitive. All of the information you provide to us is confidential and will never be sold or shared outside of HSLDA. Read our Privacy Policy for more information.

Documentation possibly needed:

  • Receipts for curriculum, classes, or services.

  • Proof of income (pick one):

    • IRS Form 1040 (first 2 pages only)

    • One month of current pay stubs

    • Social Security statements for survivor’s benefits or disability (including children’s benefits)

    • Food stamps and housing assistance benefit letters

    • Child support or alimony documentation

  • If applicable Spouse’s Death Certificate, Military Status, or any debts causing financial instability (student loan, tax debt, bankruptcy, etc.) 

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