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Basic Info

COURSE TITLE: Understanding Diversity Through Literature and Composition (A Multicultural Studies Book Club & Discussion Group)

INSTRUCTORS: Kimberly Teamer and Grazonte Sanders



SCHEDULE: 1:00 P.M. to 1:50 P.M/ Wednesdays

Dates: 9/1/21-  12/1/21  & 1/5/22-  4/27/22  

(No class 11/25, 12/8- 12/31, 4/32022-4/9/2022)


LOCATION: DCHE @ Park Place Baptist Location

Grade Levels: Middle Grades (6-8) Enrollment #: 7-10 students (Maximum: 10)


OBJECTIVE: Support literacy, improve critical thinking skills, enhance research skills, develop writing, promote diversity education, encourage tolerance, and foster equality, justice, & equity



1st Wednesday - Class Lecture/Book Club Reading Assignment

2nd Wednesday - Essentials of Writing with Lab/SC Article Links

3rd Wednesday - Google Classroom/Socratic Circle

4th Wednesday - Book Club Gathering

5th Wednesday - Specials  & Featured Works 

FORMAT: Class Lecture, Monthly Book Club Reading Assignment, Article Reviews, Essentials of Writing Lab, Google Classroom Discussion Boards, Quizzes/Educational Games, a Monthly Book Gathering, and Socratic Circles


  • Parent-approved email

  • Copy of each literary work

  • Proficient with typing or note-taking, conducting research, critical thinking, and group communication.

MATERIALS FOR CLASS: Laptop Computer, Chrome Notebook, or Tablet, Spiral (5-subject notebook), Pen/pencil

*A parental advisory is indicated. While we have made every effort to screen these books, parents should understand that the listed Middle Grade reads may present mature themes. Parents are strongly encouraged to engage in family read-aloud and have discussions at home, as needed. 

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