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Physical Science

Basic Info

COURSE TITLE: Physical Science Class

Grade Levels: 6th-12th graders


SCHEDULE: 1 PM to 2:30 PM/ Wed. (In-person lab)& VIRTUAL CAMPUS Lecture (Thursdays)

Dates: 9/1/21-  12/1/21  & 1/5/22-  4/27/22  

(No class 11/25, 12/8- 12/31, 4/32022-4/9/2022)


TUITION: $120/semester + $40 lab year

 payment must be made to $DawsonQ via Cashapp or @QuincyDawson via Venmo by the first day of instruction


LOCATION: DCHE @ Park Place Baptist Location

INSTRUCTOR: Quincy Dawson


CLASS LIMIT 10 students



Mr. Dawson has taught Project-based Physics, AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Physics 1, Physical Science, traditional upper-level Physics and Freshmen Physics at various public, charter, and independent schools throughout Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia. He obtained his Bachelor’s of Science - Physics from Morehouse College, as well as a Master’s of Education from Claremont Graduate University.


Physical Science with Mr. Dawson is a fun and interactive lab-based course. On Wednesdays from 1-2:30 pm, join Mr. Dawson for in-person, hands-on lab experiments. During these lab days, students will be introduced to real-world phenomena through an analytical lens. They will observe properties of Newton’s Laws of Motion through building their own race cars, discover how to minimize an egg’s impact force by building an egg-catching device, explore the creation of the model of the atom as we know it today, and even find out ways to give a Hot Wheels car enough potential energy to complete a loop of various diameters.  On Thursday’s virtual learning days, Mr. Dawson will lead students on a Zoom class session where they define and practice the principles that were observed on the previous lab day.  In addition to getting to participate in hands-on learning experiences, as well as virtual Physics lessons, students will be expected to complete a series of weekly worksheets, bi-weekly assessments and a final exam.

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