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Basic Info

COURSE TITLE: Life Science Lab

INSTRUCTOR: Nicole Doyle



SCHEDULE: 10:30- 11:20 am

Dates: Fall Semester (Sept. 8, 22, Oct. 13, 27, Nov. 10)
Special Presentation- Sept. 29
Spring: (Jan.12, 26, Feb. 9, 23, March 9, 23, April 13, 27)
Special Presentation- March 30

TUITION: $30/semester (dissection kit, apron, gloves, activity notebook) 


LOCATION: DCHE @ Park Place Baptist Location

Grade Levels: Middle Grades (5th-8th) Enrollment #: 7-10 students (Maximum: 10)


OBJECTIVE: Create an environment to experience and understand science with active participation.




Science Fair: Hypothesis, Questions, Topics, Experimentation

Classification: Invertebrates, Arthropods, Insects

Microscopic Invertebrates (Protozoans)

Botany- Flowers, leaves, root structures, nature journaling


FORMAT: Class Demonstrations, Hands-on, Experimentation, Journaling, Dissections


  • Child must be able to follow directions.

  • Child must complete reading & homework before lab.

  • Must participate in the Science Fair on Dec. 8th

MATERIALS FOR CLASS: Notebook, Pen/pencil, coloring pencils, glue stick, 

*A parental advisory is indicated. While we have made every effort to screen these books, parents should understand that the listed Middle Grade reads may present mature themes. Parents are strongly encouraged to engage in family read-aloud and have discussions at home, as needed. 

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