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NoT OPEN for Spring 2022
Stone Mountain Campus

Elementary Classical Studies

Christ-Centered Classical Studies inspires learners to reflect on truth, goodness, and beauty in God, themselves, and the world around them. The Elementary level reflects on grammar and acquisition of facts.  This Club reviews Grammar, Ancient History, World Geography, Science, Math, Latin, and Fine Arts. This Club is limited to 8 families. Parents rotate leading the lessons. Each participating Parent will lead 5 sessions or less for the school year. Training on the Classical method is provided in August. 

WHAT: DCHE Elementary Classical Studies Club

WHO: 4-12-year-old learners

WHEN: Fridays @ 9:30am to 12:00pm

WHERE: Stone Mountain Campus (Crossroads Presbyterian Church, 5587 Redan Rd, Stone Mountain, GA)


COST: $35.00 per family per semester (Due September 1, 2021, and January 1, 2022) - payable to 


COORDINATOR: Contact Mrs. Coretta Ponder at with questions. 


WEEKLY RESOURCES: Half a Hundred Acre Wood - Cycle 1


Flagway™ can be played with students as early as 1st grade and has been enjoyed by adults. In general, the game is played with 3rd - 6th graders. During gameplay, students navigate a Flagway or course of radial “paths” based on the Flagway rules (derived from the “Mobius” Function). Speed counts, so as students develop into skilled players several may be running through the course simultaneously, creating dynamics similar to that of a sporting event. Part of the beauty of Flagway is that students can play the game without knowing the rules, allowing all students access to the game and the underlying mathematical principles. 

WHO: 4th-6th Grade Students
WHAT: Flagway™ Math Games
WHEN: Fridays @ 12:30pm - 1:30pm
WHERE: STONE MOUNTAIN CAMPUS (Crossroads Presbyterian Church, 5587 Redan Rd, Stone Mountain, GA)

COST: Semester Fee: $105.00 per student
Payment Method: Remit payment to CashApp ($DawsonQ) OR Venmo (@QuincyDawson)

INSTRUCTOR: Any questions contact Mr. Quincy

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